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To catch a predator role playing chat room

"I'm Chris Hansen best chat rooms on imvu with Dateline NBC, and we're doing a story on tropers.
It is all in a days ratings for NBC and coverage for a group whose name says more about themselves than their fight Perverted Justice.
Controversy was sparked, mostly by accusations free chat married of entrapment by lawyers for the poids chat siberien adulte accused predators and a high profile suicide of one man caught in the sting (but who did not appear on the show, having discovered prior to his death that he had been nailed.
Pretty much every guy when Chris Hansen steps.Pedophile Priest : A number of predators caught have been religious figures, such as rabbis, ministers, etc.David Schumacher: I don't wanna be on the news dawg.The launch of Rock Center with Brian Williams in November 2011 suggests that NBC knows that Dateline should never be omnipresent on the main network schedule again.(They can be seen also in the War on Terror.) Fox News and Bill OReilly in particular have been successfully lobbying states to require a 25 year mandatory sentence for first offense child molestation.Even before the show had direct police involvement, they were still handing all evidence over to authorities, and many of them were eventually arrested despite walking free.Tranquil Fury : Chris does an excellent job maintaining himself professionally but there are moments where he raises his voice at someone, and you can tell he's holding back from smacking some of the men he confronted.Modesty Towel : Whenever Chris runs into a naked predator he has them cover up with a towel before they take a seat.The series was conceived in 1992 mainly as a cheap schedule filler and about the 73rd attempt to unseat 60 Minutes.It started airing in 1992 and has never entirely gone away.
2 All submissions must seek objective explanations.
Deadpan Snarker : Chris Hansen whenever predators attempt to justify themselves when the chat logs say otherwise.Furthermore, the payments from NBC to their consultants at PJ has raised the issue of checkbook journalism and resulted in the resignation/firing of a senior and accomplished NBC producer who challenged her employers ethics regarding tcap.Dirty Old Man : Some of the predators are middle-aged or older.Dateline "To Catch A Predator" specials and a spin-off, "To Catch A Predator: The Raw Tapes which shows longer versions of the confrontations between Chris Hansen and the predators.For example, one says there's a difference between "making love" and "fucking".Hope Spot : For some folks caught in the sting who are unfamiliar with the show, they feel very relieved when Chris Hansen says they're free to go, some of them almost bordering on jubilant.NBC "amicably resolved" his sister's lawsuit.The mens private, deeply personal sexual emails are read back to them and to us in prurient nuggets of humiliation.

Screw This, I'm Outta Here!
Incidentally, it has been a huge money spinner for Hansen and NBC (see CJR).