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Simple roleplay chat profile codes

deletebank ID - Deletes the bank.
r)adio, /loadpt, /deliverpt, /acceptcall Credits: Me The one who made the base, link the thread if you know it, I couldn't find.House: Code: /buyhouse, /sellhouse.Each roleplay thread can have a paragraphical description (or not).Delete Family, factions: /createfaction - Will pop-up a dialog asking for the Faction's name /editfaction - Opens up a dialog with all created Factions, with the ability to sisters seducing their real brothers for sex edit it with the following features: Change Name, change Rank Names, change Type.Everything is coded with lists.Account: Code: /account, /options, /stats Chat: Code: /ooc, /s, /l, /b, /call, /hangup, /me, /do.Dynamic ATM's: /createatm - Loops through all ATM's and automaticly finds a unused.It's possible to change the prices of the products caught having sex in breakroom inside of businesses.Business: Code: /buybusiness, /sellbusiness.You can remove them if you want.Strike Family(3rd one will delete the family).
Dynamic Bank's: /createbank - Creates a bank with the next unused.
Families: /createfamily familyleader - A dialog would pop-up asking for the Family's name /editfamily Family ID - Opens up a dialog with the following features: Change Name, change Rank Names, edit Max Skins, edit Family Skins.Profile Link wiki Link yEAR title : 2010 o : Thread Title : DD MON, thread description goes here.Reserve your roleplay archive for finished threads only, and use an active post log.And waay more features.list/font, roleplay resource by, forum Roleplay.Built-in mature thread markers.Dynamic Vehicles(You can restrict them to jobs/factions/families).Keeping a separate post log for active threads may help you stay organized and remember which posts need your attention.

The building itself is white in color and from the front has six long white pillars that are connected to a taller roof and box level further past the entrance.
It stretches to the left and right taking up the entire block with many offices and conference like rooms inside that are similar to those that all governmental offices use.
editjob - Dialog to edit the job, features: Change Name Change Position Delete Job Houses: /createhouse level value /edithouse House ID - Will pop-up a dialog with the following features: House Price House Level House Exterior Delete House Businesses: /createbiz type value level /biz Biz.