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Roleplay chat plugin

roleplay chat plugin

OR ( - at the beginning of the chat will trigger ooc color.
You can see generated configuration files.
Use x to date chat line free specify colors.
Serverwide none no e Event For the broadcast channel but for events.Plugin should create folders for each world.rc displays your current settings /rc g toggles for global chat (for an epic rainbow experience) /rc l toggles for local chat /the l: channel (Useful in PVP) /rc h toggles for above player heads (Useful in PVP) Badges The following badges are available: Favorite.Spawnpoint.own or l) Permissions.own: description: Allows you to your own nations spawnpoint l: description: Allows you to set the spawnpoint for all nations rpengine.You probably want to do this after you read them.RPEngine is the solution for your roleplay server.Spy) /rc nick - Shows nickname help page.MassiveChat is one of our many custom plugins designed exclusively for MassiveCraft.The amount of time a bird takes depends on the distance between the two players and the configured speed of the birds game monkey online sex (default: 20 blocks/s).Users talk on these channels by setting one as default then speaking normally, however if they wish to quickly send a message to another channel, they jusy need to prefix their message with the prefix given for the target channel.Read below to learn more about the available commands.
Verb Suffix Inner Radius Outer Radius whisper * 3 5 say 15 22 ask?
But what is that?Faction Serverwide none possibly a Alliance Talk to those in your faction and allies only.Jar into your plugins folder.List of all In-Game Sounds Effects List of all In-Game Particle Effects /te sound volume1.0 pitch1.0 particlenote width0.5 height0.5 speed1.0 amount10 Emote Word List You can type l: l or l: list to list these emote words in game.Usage, start your server.Since the plugin sends you json messages instead of plain text messages you can interact with the chat, so instead of remembering all the commands to edit your card you can click on the values to edit them.Spawnpoint.others: description: Allows teleport to other nations Config #Database type, either sqlite or mysql databasetype: sqlite table-prefix: rpen_ #MySQL Connection settings, only needed when databasetype is set to mysql mysql: host: localhost user: root password: 1234 database: minecraft port: 3306 #Debug debug: false #ChatSettings chatEnabled.So you send your message in the rp chat.Roleplay Chat is a light weight chat customization plugin for RPG Servers.The sound and particle effects has a cooldown and will only be applied every few seconds.