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Chat room java source code

This is a sex in room photos simple GUI.
Lists, not ArrayLists, BTW; and if it real voyer sex isn't, get that fixed first just create a List class of your own that can take a limit (ArrayList isn't final, so you could just extend it and doesn't allow any more elements to be added after that.This file is used to save chat history.Then, your "single" chat just applies a limit of 1 (or 2, depending on how it's used) to the Client List.Sender: The username of sender content: Actual content of the message.The south region conatisn 3 buttons: "Login "Logout "Who is in".Features, handles multiple users at the same time.Something along the lines of: interface MessageHandler void handle interface MessageHandlerRegistry void register(MessageType type, MessageHandler handler MessageHandler get(MessageType type /.You can use ctrl C to stop the server.Center d(label tf new JTextField Anonymous tBackground(Color.Well I'm no expert on this stuff, but if you already have your app working (and I hope it's using.Disconnect * a class that waits for the message from the server and append them to the JTextArea * if we have a GUI or simply intln it in console mode class ListenFromServer extends Thread public void run while(true) try String msg (String) adObject.
Server GUI : Initially Server GUI is showing the message "Waiting for clients at and as soon as first client is connected, his username along with his IP is shown as online (since we're using it on localhost hence in our case all clients.Type type; ssage message; / getters int getType return type; String getMessage return message; Now the Server class.Client is connected to the server.Null) nnectionFailed break; / can't happen with a String object but need the catch anyhow catch(ClassNotFoundException e2) The GUI is a simple GUI using JTextArea don't expect fancy fonts, colors, Icons.Type.handle Creating Message instances, in Message you have several static methods that create messages, for example: public static Message getServerLogoutMessage Message logoutMessage new Message Server rver_logout return logoutMessage; Instead of naming these getSomething it would be better to name them newSomething, to indicate new instance.I would like real teacher and student sex to clarify that here.